Lifting Counselors Up, Empowering Growth

At the end of the day, a summer camp is still a business. We understand that most would rather focus on the management of campers instead of the operations and financials. The long-term structure is important for a camp’s stability. Camps have many moving parts; enrollment, staff quality, and programming. All are examples of variables that are different with each session. An effective strategic plan will assure that you don’t go off course, despite volatility in anywhere from day-to-day to the industry as a whole.


At the core of any strong summer camp are its values. We’ll ensure that those values are established, strong, and well known throughout the camp. To accompany these values, we’ll help you develop a strong mission and vision statement to show your direction. Using these values, we’ll help you develop long term goals based on your own chosen focal points. While every camp has the potential to impact lives, that potential is heightened when specific goals are in place.


At Campfire, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re always moving forward as effectively as possible by using specific, established actions. We’ll help you construct quantitative performance indicators so you can always see exactly how well you’re accomplishing your mission. You’ll have support every step of the way, backed by market research and a well-developed system.


Developing an encompassing strategic plan will keep you on a straight path, strengthening your growth going forward. Camps that are around for generations are intentional about how they operate. When we partner with a camp, it’s because we believe in their mission. Our goal is to work together in order to extend your impact as far into the future as possible.


What We Do

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