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Our Assessment

Our goal is to enhance the impact that summer camps have on campers and their families. We look at your camp in a variety of ways, allowing us to truly get to know what makes you unique.


Our Analysis

The building blocks of our assessment come from industry trends, best practices, independent research, and market research. Combined with small business development, staff management practices, and youth development materials, our assessment is quantitative and backed by research.


Your Solutions

We'll personally walk you through our analysis over coffee. We'll explain what we found in our analysis and how we reached those conclusions. Our data-driven results are intentionally presented through a personal lens for a seamless transition into your camp's operations and culture.

"My experience working with the team at Campfire from beginning to the end of the process was very productive and pleasant. I could sense from the get-go that they were genuinely invested in me and my camp on a personal level...This staff opened my eyes to new suggested areas of growth and consideration that were tangible and practical given the dynamic of our unique camp...Lastly, I was very impressed with their personable approach and professionalism throughout."

Eric, Director at Red Arrow Camp

Building Blocks of our



You have bunks to fill. We get that, and we want to help. We believe in the impact that summer camps can have and we want to help you reach as many children as possible.


We want to help amplify the voice of your camp. For a family to really understand your culture, you need the right approach. We’ll make sure that families understand what makes your camp so special.

Strategic Planning

At the end of the day, your camp is a business. We’ll help you build goals and objectives based on your mission and values in order to keep your camp running strong for generations to come.

Camp Life

Camp is all about the campers. We want to help you give them the best experience possible. As former campers, counselors, and senior staff members, we bring experience and research to make that happen.

Additional Benefits & Services

Strategic Planning Workshop

Building a sturdy foundation for your camp’s future through staff unity and shared direction.

Social Media

Managing your social media to ensure your accounts as active and effective as they need to be to reach more families and connect alumni.

Video Production

Build the most effective marketing tool for families to better grasp your camp’s culture.

Website Development

Make your site the most friendly and navigable by prospective families and alumni.


Camp Listings

Campfire is proud to announce our most recent addition, Campfire Camps, the most comprehensive Wisconsin summer camp database. With hundreds of camps to consider in Wisconsin alone, the Campfire team has complied all the summer camp opportunities into a personalized database listing. Our goal was to make the summer camp search experience as easy as possible for prospective families, limiting the obstacles to an impactful, memorable summer. From sleepaway to day camp and sports to the wilderness, Campfire Camps is a collection of the life-changing opportunities customized to discover the exact camp you are looking for. With a series of filters and search abilities, our database looks to cover the most diverse array of camps. At Campfire Camps, we cannot say what camp is right for you, but we can help you find it.

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