• Madison Magee

How to Establish Better Relationships Within Your Camp Culture

Paul Corona is no stranger to life experiences, and far from a rookie when it comes to nurturing leadership skills, coaching management teams and helping organizations develop successful communication strategies. In his book, Lee’s 3 Habits, he dives into the three tools that he uses to build stronger relationships— which he has pinned as the foundation for greater happiness.

Ask more than we tell. Listen more than we talk. Give more than we take. Leveraging Corona’s three keys, particularly in the workplace, is essential for teams reaching for the same goal. Whether a director bringing a staff team together to set the pace for the summer or cabin counselors helping campers set cabin goals, Lee’s 3 Habits is a great reference to encourage and nurture an open line of communication. A handbook for establishing stronger teams by communicating more effectively: setting clearer goals, methodically approaching problems, and developing team-based solutions.