• Madison Magee

The Five Why's: The Simple Tool That Makes You A Better Counselor

Sakichi Toyoda, the legendary Japanese Industrialist, sought to overcome problems by using his Five Whys technique efficiently. The Five Whys is a communication tool designed to uncover the root of the issues by asking a series of “why” questions. The rationale behind his strategy is that by first understanding the problem at its core, a more effective solution can be implemented.

Toyoda’s Five Whys technique can be an effective strategy in helping campers derive solutions to behavioral problems. At summer camp, children will inevitably face hesitations and challenges— but the goal of camp staff is not to provide a solution to the problem but to teach problem-solving strategies and nurture that camper’s independence. Toyoda’s Five Whys may be your solution to uncovering your camper’s challenges and build a deeper relationship on understanding.