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A creative producer's take on embracing authenticity

This pandemic has brought about a certain humaneness. Personally, many client calls I've been having usually involve children and young toddlers on laps and laughs about our new situations (or frustrations). I’m seeing a lot of realness currently: no makeup, messy hair, the personability of one’s home environment and it’s beautiful. Yes - no one is perfect though often we try to act like we have it all figured out. Many will hide, but I think especially at this time, it’s important to be seen and to see others during this time; we are all in this together. Some struggles worse than others, but I think we can ALL relate on a certain level right now.

In a chat with a few senior leaders at my agency, I saw humaneness. Our president teared up at the end of the chat while describing how essential our people are to our firm are and how grateful he is for us. Hopefully, many leaders and businesses across our country are taking stances of compassion and sensitivity towards the current situation.

Something I took away from this chat, that camps could be doing right now, is focusing on this: we are not “working from home”. We are at home, during a crisis, trying to work (if you are lucky enough to still have a job.) The #1 thing I think camps can do is be cognizant of this. The leaders at the agencies within my network are encouraging us to not just check in on a professional level with our clients and colleagues but on a personal level. Truly… how are you doing? Is your family well? We are HERE for you; not just professionally but personally. I think, despite whether a camp is able to offer its services at this time, they have a huge opportunity to lend a helping hand on an emotional level to struggling parents and children during this unprecedented time. Now more than ever we need someone to listen to us so we can be heard because through sharing and vulnerability comes strength and connection. I think camps can play this role for families during this time.

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