What We Do

and Why It Matters


Growing Your Camps Impact

At Campfire, we want to help amplify the voice of your camp. However, to communicate effectively to families, you need the right tools. We don’t want your mission to be missed by a family who could benefit from your influence. Sometimes, you need new methods to reach new audiences. Technology is changing so rapidly today and it shouldn’t just be your job to keep up with it. Let us do that for you, all the while finding the families and Campers that are right for your camp. 


We’ll take a look at your current marketing strategies with you and figure out what works. Using our background and experience, we’ll analyze your strengths and your areas of growth. Collaboratively, we will develop short and long term goals that bring the right families to you. We’ll measure this with consistent benchmarks and check in on a regular basis in order to monitor your growth. Through partnerships with design companies, we’ll direct you to the best ways of improving your marketing strategies. We’ll help negotiate prices on your behalf so you get the best option possible. 


Finally, we’ll help shape your social media presence. In this day and age, social media can make or break an organization. We’ll put you in the best position possible to connect directly to families through this medium. Social media is often the first impression you make on a prospective family, and we want to make sure that the first impression is a great one you intended. 


There are tens of thousands of summer camps in the country. At Campfire Consulting, we only partner with camps that we truly believe in. We believe in camps that can make an impact on children. Our role is to maximize your impact through collaboration and appreciation of your unique influence. Let’s work to amplify your mission, together.