Kyle Blechner

Kyle Blechner is a member of the board at Campfire Consulting.  Finding ways to impact children’s lives in a positive matter is what his career is all about.  He currently is employed as an elementary school teacher and loves every minute of his job. During the summer months, Kyle operates as Head of Programming at Red Arrow Camp.  Red Arrow, or RAC, is an all-boys sports and adventure camp that runs for seven straight weeks in Woodruff, Wisconsin.  Although he never went to summer camp as a child, the five summers he has spent at Red Arrow have had a significant impact on the adult he is today.  Camp ignites his love for teaching, coaching, and shaping the youth of today.

To have the opportunity to work with children of various backgrounds and ages every day is a gift Kyle says he is lucky to have.  It is his goal to one day make a greater, widespread impact on children’s lives. By this he means more than just the students in his classroom or the ones who attend Red Arrow every summer.  Due to this desire, Kyle pursued a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.  His eagerness to positively impact children’s lives on a grander scale lies at the core of his career aspirations.  He believes that every child deserves a great educational experience and every child deserves a chance to experience summer camp.  To him, that is what makes being a part of Campfire Consulting such an honor.  Kyle knows summer camp is an incredible way for children to discover their true selves.  His ability to assist, support, advise and motivate the staff at Campfire Consulting is, to him, intrinsically rewarding.