Ryan Princer

Ryan Princer is one of the founding members of Campfire Consulting. He brings in a background of large-scale operations and has done community outreach work through an education nonprofit. He also has extensive experience using data driven analysis to track performance and growth in elementary students. After studying both child psychology and outdoor recreation, Ryan became interested in how our development is shaped by childhood. This interest was grown through Ryan’s work with at-risk youth in Chicago, where he saw both the weight of negative external influences and the benefits of positive external influences. After extensive conversations between Ryan, McKenzie Beeby, and Joe Eiselt, they identified an opportunity. The three founded Campfire Consulting with the goal of impacting as many children as possible by amplifying the impact of existing summer camps around the country.


Ryan was lucky to experience the power of summer camps at an early age. He was shaped by his summers away from home, gaining confidence, discipline, and creativity. These summers spent away from his normal life had a profound impact on his upbringing, a gift he will always be thankful for. In college, Ryan had the opportunity to go back to the summer camp he grew up at and work as a cabin counselor. This experience proved to be even more influential to Ryan as a young adult than it was as a camper. Being able to provide experiences and facilitate growth in his campers showed Ryan the power that camps can have. His passion for summer camps has grown with every summer spent at camp, and continues through his work with Campfire Consulting.