Lori Howerton Burn

Recognized throughout her 40-year career as a healthcare leader is adept at cross-functional leadership and performance management, She brings to Campfire Consulting, innovative, visionary and forward-thinking skills that challenge the status quo, recommending alternative solutions from multiple perspectives. Having worked with leaders across multiple health systems over many years, She is skilled at collaborating and cultivating long-term strategic partnerships that will generate profitable and sustainable growth for initiatives mutually agreed on.


Children are our future. This can never be said enough nor can it be ignored more now than ever. It is our responsibility to identify those at risk, those with potential and those who have no direction in their lives and help change the course from possible despair to hope. Camps are instrumental in this endeavor and sometimes are truly the difference in attaining and independence. We at Campfire Consulting are committed to bringing that child and that camp together to achieve a sense of connectedness, a belief that they are capable and able to make decisions and feel that they are competent in their skills as a child. At Campfire Consulting, we provide you with the tools to analyze, interpret and strategically plan to enhance your camp's mission. We provide services that will assist you to correctly identify your strengths, opportunities, and challenges thereby instituting changes that will drive you successfully to continue impacting every camper in the most meaningful ways. Together, we insure that every camper has that opportunity to excel in life!