McKenzie Beeby

McKenzie Beeby is the Chief Marketing Officer at Campfire Consulting. He has dedicated much of his career thus far helping some of the top companies in the world with their online content and marketing. He is certified as a Google Ad and SEO Specialist, as well as a member of the International Marketing Association. He is a partner and founder of bMedia Creative and Blue Marble. He has worked with some amazing companies on commercials, films, Software development, and social media. One of his greatest achievements was in the Architectural Industry where he helped the top global architecture firms shape the marketing approach within the entire industry and helped set a new standard for content as well as modernizing the logistics of the driveaway industry through software. The content and projects he has worked on resulted in tens of millions of views and consumers worldwide.


Alongside his career in marketing and content creation, he also has a deep passion and love for summer camps. His father went to a camp for several years and when he got old enough to go he was ecstatic. he still works with that summer camp today and has a total of 16 amazing summers at camp. When he was old enough to work on the staff he recognized that this is where he can really impact children and help them grow individually. Even though he has worked in a very technical industry and has a passion for innovating, His belief is that by disconnecting children from technology to give them time to find themselves and their place in this world is the most important thing in their development and if he can help camps reach more children to give them that opportunity he will.