What We Do

and Why It Matters


Making Everyday at

Camp Special

At Campfire, we’re well aware that everything you do is for the kids. Your success as a camp is dictated by the experience of the campers. We want to help you make that experience as memorable as possible. At Campfire, we know all about how a successful camp operates as our team is made up of many former camp staff. While we can relate to the emotional aspect of camp, we also provide an objective, unbiased perspective backed by extensive market research. 


We’ve identified a collection of key indicators that begin to convey the effectiveness of a camp. With your information, we conduct a diverse analysis which utilizes current standards of top-performing summer camps and relevant research to make your product the best it can possibly be. We look at what the campers do on an average day, how many choices they have, how active they are, what they eat, how they sleep, and much more. Our analysis is data-driven, encouraging growth and tracking progress over time.


We understand the camp culture is a fragile idea based on long traditions and undying passion. Our job is NOT to change your culture. Our job is to emphasize your strengths and provide solutions in areas of improvement. These areas of improvement will be made known by research-generated data on applicable topics with your best intentions in mind. 


Your impact is driven by your culture and your traditions. We ensure that everything we do will stay inline with those, keeping your mission at the heart of everything you do. summer camps are built to change the lives of their campers, you are the best at what you do. We truly believe in that influence and want to make it as strong as possible.